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Booking an appointment with Nathan Gluck Hearing Care couldn’t be simpler because you can contact us by telephone, email or by completing the short form below. 

An initial appointment will last about an hour. A member of Nathan Gluck hearing care will first of all conduct simple hearing tests, before simply explaining what the hearing test results mean. They will then discuss your hearing needs – these depend so much on your lifestyle, that we have to find out as much as we can about you. Next if necessary, you will be prescribed appropriate hearing aids, and if these require an impression of your ear canal we will carry out this procedure. It is painless not unlike having an impression made when you attend your dentist.

In a few days we will ask you to come back to us for a fitting of your new hearing aids and later to return again to adjust them as you become familiar with them and what they can do for you. You will have a variety of hearing aids to choose from, including a range of invisible hearing aids, manufactured by leading hearing care specialists.

We have recently introduced an ear wax removal service, a straight forward procedure which achieves instant results.

If required, we do offer a hearing home visits service, within specific postcode ares, to see whether you are eligible or not for a home visit, please select that option from the drop down options in the booking form

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