Oticon Hearing Aids

Be curious. Be involved. Stay sharp.

Oticon is world-renowned for having the most effective technology at giving you real sound feedback, so you can stay sharp in every moment.

Your hearing matters

Oticon are proud to give you sounds of real life, so you don’t miss out on important information. Without it, your brain will be working overtime to fill in the gaps which can be tiring and harder for you to stay in the moment.

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Experience the real sounds of life

They have been developing hearing care that changes lives and are pushing the limits of technology, with smaller, more powerful devices. They challenge conventions with their hearing aids, pushing them forward as a leader within the industry. They are a leader in our industry and we recommend trying their hearing aids.

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Why choose Nathan Gluck Hearing Care?

With a reputation built on up-to-date expertise, personal service, care and kindness, our family-run business always puts you first. We listen to your concerns, carry out hearing tests, give professional advice, and prescribe and fit hearing aids that are perfect for you. We are independent so we can offer you the best hearing aids on the market without being bias to any manufacturer.

As a responsible hearing care provider, we only ever put your needs first.

Meet our team that will take care of you and help you decide which hearing aid would suit your needs and lifestyle best.

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