Widex Hearing Aids

Sound that is like no other

The sounds that connect you to life are important in your everyday life, even the slightest loss of hearing may have a huge impact on your experience of the world. This in turns leads you to distancing yourself from people, connections and experiences that you love.

Widex has 65 years of dedication, passion and commitment to developing hearing solutions that bring sounds to life. A sound like no other.

PureSoundTM is a sound like no other

The XeroDelay technology is what creates the perfect hearing aid for many lifestyles and gives you the closest feeling to natural sound. They are committed to bringing you hearing aids that can help you experience moments in life without any delay and create seamless loving emotions.

A 65 years journey

In 1956 every step of the journey for Widex was and still is to bring sound perfection, not settling for anything less.

Committed to society

Natural sound and a sustainable world around us, therefore Widex have developed a strategy and contributed to the five United Nations Sustainable Development goals as all hearing aids are manufactured in the HQ Lynge, Demark and have been powered by wind and solar since 2010.

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Why choose Nathan Gluck Hearing Care?

With a reputation built on up-to-date expertise, personal service, care and kindness, our family-run business always puts you first. We listen to your concerns, carry out hearing tests, give professional advice, and prescribe and fit hearing aids that are perfect for you. We are independent so we can offer you the best hearing aids on the market without being bias to any manufacturer.

As a responsible hearing care provider, we only ever put your needs first.

Meet our team that will take care of you and help you decide which hearing aid would suit your needs and lifestyle best.

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