In-clinic appointments

Making an appointment couldn’t be easier – you can call our Freephone number 0800 781 0422, email us at or complete the short form on our Book Now page. 

What to expect

Your initial appointment with Nathan or one of his team, will take about an hour. It’ll start with a simple hearing test and an explanation of the results. After that, to help us get a true picture of your personal hearing needs, we’ll want you to tell us more about your lifestyle.

If we find it’s in your best interests, we’ll prescribe appropriate hearing aids. You’ll a variety of hearing aids to choose from, including a range of invisible hearing aids, manufactured by leading hearing care specialists.

If you choose hearing aids that need to be custom built, requiring an impression of your ear canal, we’ll take the impression – which is just as painless as having a dental impression – there and then, to save you coming back.

A few days after we take the impression, we’ll ask you back for a fitting and book a further appointment for so that we can make any adjustments to make sure you’re comfortable using them. (We may also recommend you have an ear wax removal appointment before your fitting, but as we explain on our ‘Ear Wax Removal’ page, our micro-suction treatment is quick, safe and effective.) Book your appointment