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Require a Hearing Test or Earwax Microsuction in Potters Bar?

Are you feeling uncomfortable and excluded from conversations? If you’re suffering from hearing problems, you may require digital hearing aids or simply ear wax removal treatment, to restore your hearing.

Hearing loss symptoms should not be ignored, if speech and sounds are becoming muffled or you’re asking people to repeat themselves, speak more slowly or turn the TV or music up, you should consider hearing solutions. 

Hearing Tess in North London

Our qualified audiologists will guide you through our hearing tests and provide jargon-free explanations of your results and the best options available to fit into your lifestyle. We supply a range of the latest quality hearing aids of different styles to suit you, with trusted aftercare advice. 

What to do if your ears are blocked

Our microsuction ear wax removal procedure designed to remove an ear wax blockage is quick, pain-free and effective, using a low-pressure suction device. We are able to offer this service in all of our clinics across north London.

We aim to help with any blocked ears and relieve the discomfort which you may be suffering to ensure your hearing health is the best it can be. 

When can you book an appointment?

Our Potters Bar clinic is open for appointments on Thursdays between 8am and 8pm, at You and Eye Opticians.

We’ve provided professional hearing care for over 20 years.

Call Nathan Gluck Hearing Care to arrange an appointment on 020 8455 4210 for appointments at You and Eye Opticians in Potters bar.

 – Keeping pace with technological advances in hearing health –

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