Phonak Hearing Aids

Conversations shine for everyone with Phonak Lumity

Conversations are at the heart of life. A baby hearing their parents’ lullaby, a child being asked a question in class, a businesswoman hearing the important questions during a meeting or an elderly couple reminiscing about a well-loved movie together.

The Phonak Lumity range surpasses any of its previous models due to improved speech understanding in noisy environments and reduced listening effort. It has universal connectivity and is enabled with Bluetooth.

Unquie, Elegant, Connected

The biggest leap for Phonak. The slim range of hearing aids that enable you to hear well and be discrete.

State-of-art hearing performance

Phonak Slim combines a modern, never see-before design that can have personalised features that enable you to confidently immerse yourself in conversations.

The slim can fit behind your ear without being on show and causing any fatigue to your ear over time, you will forget that you are wearing them.

Winner of hearing technology innovator 2023, the Phonak Slim is a step towards sleek, smart and comfortable hearing.

phonak slim hearing aids

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