Industrial Hearing Tests

Hearing Protection

For health and safety, there are specifically designed noise level hearing tests to make sure every workers hearing is not being compromised. We are proud to say we offer that service and provide industrial hearing protection where required. Noise-induced hearing loss is something all employers should be aware of, to ensure staff are safe, and healthy (increasing their productivity) and to avoid possible hearing loss claims. You wouldn’t run a business which isn’t health and safety compliment, therefore ensuring noise levels are industrial safe is just as important.

You must be compliant with the requirements of the Control of Noise at Work Regulation Act of 2005. Protection in noisy work environments is essential. The act largely applies to the construction industry, however, protection is essential in all noisy work environments.

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What noise level is compromising my hearing?

Sound is measured in decibels (dB). This ranges on a scale from 0 to 120 with the lower dB being safe for your eardrums. If you are exposed to 120 dB for long periods of time then you can cause long lasting damage to your hearing. We recommend anything above 70 dB for long periods of time should be protected, as to not cause perminant damage and cause hearing loss.

What is the legal limit employers must provide hearing protection?

Employers must provide hearing protect to anything that exceeds 85 dB to ensure your hearing is protected from long term damage. We recommend carrying out a health and safety check for noise awareness, to protect your hearing before its too late.

What is the best type of hearing protection?

Ear plugs can be a great solution when you do not have anything else to hand. However, we recommend earmuffs when you are exposed to loud noises for a long period of time. We fit custom ear plugs that are made just for your ear size, shape and type of work you carry out. The main benefit of this is that they will fit comfortably for extended periods of time without unnecessary weight.

Our Industrial Hearing Test Procedure

Human eardrums do not favour specific frequencies over our own natural vocal frequencies.

Employers and employees alike, no longer have to risk their safety in noisy environments, every time they wish to have a conversation. We ensure a wearers hearing is not entirely blocked potentially causing further hazards, simply reducing noise enough to remain within safe levels.

  • We conduct a lifestyle assessment
  • We use a combination of education, noise filters, taking a historical record of each patient
  • We conduct a thorough hearing assessment
  • We check hearing levels categorising people tested so they remain audiologically safe in their working environment
  • We do both on site and off site testing

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Why Choose Custom?

The long-term cost saving in comparison to disposable ear plugs or badly fitted ear defenders is worth the upfront cost. Inadequate protection should never be worn, the risk of ear protection falling out or slipping off is not only uncomfortable for the wearer but redundant in its purpose as the eardrums will be exposed to a loud environment once again.

Our custom made ear plugs or ear defenders, depending on your preference, are specifically designed to keep out the harmful sounds from industry machinery, construction equipment and heavy plantation environments. it has been proven that when an individual is properly and safely equipped, workforce productivity is increased.

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Why Choose Our Audiologists?

We supply hearing protection for employers and employees where necessary. Our professional hearing test procedure will ensure all aspects of an individuals hearing are identified, with our qualified audiologists relaying a jargon- free explanation.

We supply various custom plugs and protection for sports and hobbies too. For example musicians and swimmers.

If you require our industrial hearing assessment service and consultation, simply contact us today.

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