Starkey Hearing Aids

The superior sound quality in a full line of innovative hearing aids. Hearing is made effortless by Starkey.

We stock the Evolv AI complete line of advanced hearing technology, which provides 40% more reduction in noise energy designed to reduce listening effort. They will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and make your hearing effortless.

With up to 55 million personalised adjustments made every hour, Evolv AI is expertly designed to automatically deliver realistic and genuine sound quality in every listening environment, including cars and other vehicles, so you can hear and enjoy life.

evolv ai hearing aid

Better hearing never sounded so good

The biggest leap forward ever in hearing technology, Genesis AI hearing aids are anything but ordinary. We have exclusive stock that will be on our shelves in 2024.

So fast they adapt before we can.

Packed with the industry’s most sophisticated technology, they make over 80 million adjustments per hour, automatically, without you needing to do a thing.

The result? Clearer, more distinct, and more true-to-life sound quality than ever before. Ask us if you are interested in getting hands-on experience with the latest technology from Starkey.

Why choose Nathan Gluck Hearing Care?

With a reputation built on up-to-date expertise, personal service, care and kindness, our family-run business always puts you first. We listen to your concerns, carry out hearing tests, give professional advice, and prescribe and fit hearing aids that are perfect for you. We are independent so we can offer you the best hearing aids on the market without being bias to any manufacturer.

As a responsible hearing care provider, we only ever put your needs first.

Meet our team that will take care of you and help you decide which hearing aid would suit your needs and lifestyle best.

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