Why Nathan Gluck and team have the best experience, knowledge and passion in the industry.

Why the hearing aid industry

A hearing loss can affect everyone very differently and exceptional customer service is required to ensure all have access to perfect hearing. Across the UK around 11 Million people suffer with a type of hearing loss, which we believe is too many. All should be able to hear, as this profound human sense helps us to connect and communicate with loved ones and friends. 

Without it, life can feel daunting, limiting and uncomfortable which leads to many people choosing to withdraw from social occasions, most will do this without realising and this has a massive impact on their quality of life. Our passion, drive, and team believe this is enough of a reason for us to work endlessly to resolve everyone’s hearing loss. Also, to raise awareness and break the stigma against hearing aids.

We have 25 years of experience in the industry and a team of professionals with the highest accreditations possible. Nathan has experience that is unmatched by many in the industry, and the ability to best match your condition with a solution that is best for your hearing at the least fuss. 

Audiologist Appointment

Our bespoke services

This can be a huge step for most, to come in and see us. We want you to feel comfortable and right at home with us. We pride ourselves on putting your needs before our own, as shown in our attention to detail. We cover the North London area and your first appointment will take an hour, we cover every step of the test so you know what to expect before arrival.

We fit every manufacturer and every product in the industry, to ensure you get the best match of hearing aids to best suit your hearing loss. In the audiology world, many shops and chains have allegiances to one hearing aid brand or another. However, this is why we pride ourselves on being independent as we can really offer you the best care and product on the market. We do not have allegiances to one brand and from the outset will give you the best treatment that suits your condition and only recommend hearing aids suitable for you, whether it’s price, comfort, technology or all, we will fit the best in class.

We respond rapidly to your ear wax problems and offer same-day appointments when you call before 5 pm. It’s often that we find our surroundings very noisy and increasingly difficult to hear others around us. You could be suffering from a blockage that you’ve been unaware of for years and the root cause of your hearing feeling blocked. The feeling of being blocked out of conversations because of your hearing can be hard to take, but earwax removal can get you back in the conversation. Our industry-leading microsuction can restore your hearing in a matter of minutes.

Health and Safety require hearing tests to be conducted in working environments that might compromise a worker’s hearing. You must comply with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations Act of 2005. Protection in noisy work environments is are essential health precaution. We are jargon-free and explain all aspects that we test for in an individual’s hearing.

Your activity might require ear protection and you could greatly benefit from one of our custom ear moulds. If you enjoy music, are an avid gamer, keen swimmer, passionate sports athlete, a frequent flyer or a regular user of machinery and power tools then a custom mould is a must for you.

Same day before 5 pm and Sunday appointments make us completely flexible around your schedule and enable us to respond urgently to your needs.

Which hearing aid manufacturers and models are available

We fit a wide range of hearing aids to make sure you get the best in class to suit your hearing condition. It’s not only about features, comfort, and price, it is also about which one you prefer when you come to us. We want you to be well-informed and feel comfortable about which hearing aid is being fitted for you. It is vitally important that you come to us with any issues as our before, during and aftercare are all equally as important in the process of finding you the best hearing aid for your hearing condition. Here is a list of manufacturers that we fit below:

Hearing aid manufactures

We go the extra mile for you

Your experience is the most important part of the puzzle when it comes to treating hearing loss and that goes long after you’ve left our store. Our aftercare makes sure you’re getting the best from your hearing aid consistently, this can be from firmware updates and adjusting settings for your surroundings. Our Google reviews speak volumes that we react and respond quickly to our customer’s needs and many of those struggling with hearing. We understand that it can be a daunting task to take the first step into getting your hearing tested, so we’ve made it as transparent as possible on our website for you to be well-informed before you arrive. We have on-street parking right outside our practice and will greet you on arrival.

If you are interested in coming to see us, give us a ring or drop us an email via our booking form:

Phone: 0800 781 0422 

Contact form: https://nathangluckhearingcare.co.uk/book-now/