Patient Testimonials

Below is a list of testimonials that patients have taken the time to send to us directly.

With tremendous appreication for your outstanding service. 

The secreteries are always responsible, helpful and polite. 

Thank You


Dear Mr Gluck,

You were an important personality in our mother’s life! You tended, cared, advised and supported our late mother through so many episodes over an extended period. 

You were keenly aware of her medical situation and sensetive in the extreme to the difficulties she faced given the serious loss of hearing she had suffered over so many decades. Despite the challanges she presented, you were patient, kind and responsive (never mind professionally attentive) and we are so very appreciative of this very special commitment you made to our mother, as you do to all your patients. Your sensitivity to her situation was always apparent whenever you were contacted. 

We are indebted and ever grateful. Thank you sounds somewhat hollow!

The O. Siblings

I came to see you Bank Holiday Monday where you were very kind to me and removed my awful wax build up, but at least it was glittery.

I’m instructing everyone not to use cotton buds now. My GP was very impressed with results, I have given a few of your cards out already. 


Thank you for calling and looking after my ears. It is wonderful to hear normally.


Very first appointment yesterday, 8th June 2020, and am happy to provide a glowing recommendation. Nathan is extremely nice and my treatment was thorough and carried out with great care and all possible steps are taken to provide a safe environment for patients at this time.