Benefits of microsuction ear wax removal

An ear wax build-up may cause you to feel blocked out of conversation. If you feel you are struggling to hear what’s going on around you, seek relief from your discomfort and recover your hearing back to its usual state. 

The best way to remove ear wax is via microsuction treatment, using a fine low-pressure suction device to safely remove the blockage. This preferred method is offered at our Golders Green and Potters Bar hearing care centres, ideal if you’re looking for an ear wax removal London solution. Home visits for ear wax removal are also available if you are unable to attend one of our centres for treatment.

In Golders Green and Potters Bar, the fee is £90 for ear wax removal (whether one ear or both). In the event of no wax being found a £50 consultation fee will still apply.

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Safe, Clean, Quick and Effective

This established technique requires no pre-treatment, therefore no mess, it is pain-free, simple, clean and hygienic, taking just minutes… 

We have a simple three-step process to give your ears the all clear, consisting of an audiologist examining your ears prior to using a fine low-pressure suction device to safely remove any ear wax blockage.

We will use a video endoscopy to show you the condition of your ear canal both before and after the treatment. The video gives us a clear view to see exactly where the temporary blockage is and where to clear it with our high precision tool, leaving you comfortable again. The unblocked ear canal is visible after the procedure, with the video showing an immediate result unlike syringing, making it much quicker and safer with effective results everytime in one visit. 

Our trusted experienced audiologists are fully trained and qualified to conduct the procedure. 

Book an appointment online or call our Freephone number 0800 781 0422,  to arrange a convenient time and date for you, at one of our ear wax removal clinic London locations.


Is it pain-free?

Yes it is a very gentle treatment.

How soon can I make an appointment?

At short notice, often same day and Sunday treatment is available.

How much does it cost?

£90 from our Golders Green and Potters Bar practices and £180 for home wax removal.

How quickly does it take to work?


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